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Kawaiikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?

  • 4.54 (13 Votes)
  • Alternative Name:可愛ければ変態でも好きになってくれますか?; Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?; Would you even fall in love with a pervert as long as it's a cutie?
  • Demographic:Shounen
  • Genre(s):Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, School Life
  • Author(s):Hanama Tomo
  • Artist(s):Chun Iiman
  • Status(s):Ongoing Kawaiikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka? 5 will coming soon
  • Rank:3353th
  • Type:manga
  • Summary:
    After cleaning the Calligraphy Club room one afternoon, Kiryuu Keiki found a love letter addressed to him on the club's desk. Eager at the possibility of finally getting a girlfriend, he opens the envelope only to find the words, "I like you" along with a pair of the se... MORE
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